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Schedule Builder was created by a meeting planner to assist with managing meeting space assignments and meeting specs. 

It helps to see at a glance what space is being used and to determine what space is available for use.

It can also be used for other things, such as staff scheduling. You can enter when staff is available and their assigned shifts and you can see their assignments at a glance on the schedule. This was used by meeting planners for on site event staff scheduling, but could be used by any kind of business that manages staff schedules.

It could also be used for resource scheduling, such as equipment usage. You could enter all of the equipment that is available and see when it is scheduled to be in use at a glance.

It could have many more uses not yet found, if you find another use for it, submit it to us for discounts!

What is Schedule Builder?

Features of Schedule Builder!

This spreadsheet will assist you in effectively managing meeting space assignments and meeting specifications. Ensure that you never double-book a meeting room again and avoid assigning space to a room that is unavailable. You can easily differentiate each meeting by its type through color coding. Gain a quick overview of the activities taking place in each meeting room, and update the schedule with a simple click.

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